Constantin Rusu

About Me

I see artistic activity and the experiences of daily life as a unit, the two of them being influences by the emotional and spiritual experience. The artworks that I make define the labyrinthine line of a conscience guided by values and feelings.

The visual language I use is in constant transformation, as an answer to my research for conceptual, technical and visual solutions for my works. Inspired by impressionism and pointillism, I rendered light and shade by means of the order and disorder of graphic sign composition. Movement and dynamism are symbolically rendered in my work by the arrow, a graphic sign representing one’s trail, route and existence. The cuttings in the painted canvas also chart trails, by marking out the moments when we overpass certain stages, as well as some mental and spiritual states. As in nature, where images form, decompose, and are recomposed, I formed images made up of fragments, that portray together the atmosphere, the feeling and views of nature. The representation of several sequences in the same work and the irregular shapes of some canvases signify the open space and the continuity of levels: the level of the work (both physical and ideational) and the viewer’s level of awareness.